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Privacy Policy

We fully respect your right to privacy with respect to all the personal data you relay to us during your visit to this Web site. We want you to know which of your data we store and what we do with it. Your visit to this Web site is subject to the following Data Protection Statement.

1. Data Storage and Data Use
We will only store such of your personal data as you make freely available to us. For instance, during Registration in a variety of forms or in boxes, we ask for your name, your postal and email address, your telephone number, your age and a number of other data.

Depending on your consent, the data which you volunteer us, may be used to send you our Newsletter or product information or other advertising material. The data you have made available to us may be used in their aggregate and anonymous form for internal business purposes such as the production of statistics or the development of marketing strategies. Without your explicit consent we will not use your personal data in any other manner than those enshrined and set forth in the present Data Privacy Protection Statement.

We will store or collate certain non-personal "utilization" data such as information on which of our pages you most frequently visit. We may sell or transfer such non-personal data to our subsidiaries, our franchise holders and partners.

We are entitled to disclose personal data should we consider such a move necessary to be in compliance with applicable legal prescriptions, regulations, changes in the law, or government requirements.

2. Cookies and User Protocols
To identify you as a multiple user and to get a better idea of your preferences, we will install a Cookie on your hard drive. A Cookie is a small text file that enables us to follow your preferences and to map them. The Cookie will remain on your hard drive until you remove it. However, you may configure your browser so that you receive warning of Cookies or you may configure it to switch off Cookies automatically. If you choose not to store our Cookie, you may still download our Web site but restrictions to some of our services could occur. Some of our partners may also use Cookies on our Web site. However, as we have no access to these Cookies, we also have no control over them and therefore will not accept any liability pertaining to their use.

Moreover, we will deploy IP addresses in order to identify trends, to administer our Web site, to monitor behavioural patterns among our users and to process demographic data which will be used in its aggregate form. Without your explicit consent we will never use your IP addresses in conjunction with your personal data.

3. Third Parties
In certain circumstances we may commission third-party companies or individuals to accomplish tasks on our behalf that have a direct bearing on the purposes designated within the present Data Privacy Protection Statement. Such third parties include market research companies, Internet providers and other service-support enterprises (e.g. mailing coordination companies). Such third-party companies may be granted access to personal data if, and only if, such access is essential for the fulfilment of their said duties. Usage of personal data for any extraneous purposes is prohibited. Such companies may have their registered headquarters within or outside the jurisdiction of the European Economic Area (EEA). Although some states which are not parties to the EEA do not always have comparable levels of data privacy protection as member states, in consideration of the privacy of your personal data we demand and require that such third parties observe and fully comply with the same standards as we adhere to ourselves,

4. Links
This Web site may contain links to third-parties or other websites. Please bear in mind that we cannot accept any liability whatsoever for the use of personal data by extraneous websites. We would advise you to also read the Data Privacy Policy Statements of any extraneous websites which you access via our Web site or by other channels.

5. Security
We have implemented numerous measures designed to ensure the safety of your personal data both online and offline. Your personal data will be stored on computers which do not necessarily lie within the EEA. Should you have any questions relating to security issues on our Web site, please get in touch with us at

6. Notification of Changes
From time to time the present Data Privacy Protection Statement may be subject to certain modifications. Should such changes occur, we will post the modified version of the Statement here in the Web. Since changes may occur at any time without your receiving due notification thereof via other channels, we would urge you to read this Data Privacy Protection Statement at regular intervals. Please note that our rights pertaining to the use of your personal data are always defined and expressed only by the current valid version of the Data Privacy Protection Statement.

7. Refreshing your Personal Data
You have the opportunity to monitor and change the personal data you have made available to us. If you are a Registered User, you can change your data at any time by logging into your account through our website and clicking on "Profile" in the menu, or by sending us an email to If you are not a Registered User but have still made personal data available to us, you may effect changes by sending us an email to You can also request us at any time to delete your personal data from our files by sending us an email to

8. Opt-Out
If your are a Registered User of our Web site, you may decline to receive further information in the future. You may also decline to have your personal data transmitted to partner companies or affiliates. You may refresh your preferences at any time by up-dating your personal data, or if you wish to be removed from our email-newsletter, by sending a blank email (writing ?unsubscribe? in its title) from the address you wish to unsubscribe to

9. Data Management Authorised Agent
Your personal data are administered by Mystic Production Sp. z o.o.

We have made every endeavour to make your visit to as enjoyable as possible and to ensure that your privacy is fully respected. Should you have any questions or comments or concerns about the way your personal data is dealt with, please don?t hesitate to get in touch with us via email at