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About us

We are new label on the music map but we are not debutants on the music market.
We are musicians, publishers, journalists, graphic designers and above all fans and music collectors since we remember.

We are Oldschool Records and with support of Mystic Production and as official partners of Nuclear Blast
and Century Media among others we are able to offer you on cassettes top-notch releases in highest quality.

Our motto is simply "Keeping physical formats alive!" Music cassettes are an apple in our eye
and Oldschool Records is dedicated to this format.

Collectors and lovers of music cassettes are not dead!
We are definitely one of them and sure that not only one in the world.
Cassette tapes are making long-awaited comeback and we are part of this great cassette revival movement.

Since 2002 when production of cassettes dramatically decreased
many great albums are still unreleased on tapes.
Above all, we are here to release them in MC format.

Greetings for music collectors and archivists!
Physical formats 4 Ever!